click to see erroneous computer generated explanation of my name--there was no such name in Europe.

Johannes Jacob Batdorff b. 1534 d. 1584 m._______________________
3.) Johannes Batdorff b. 1564

Johannes Batdorff b. 1564 d. aft. 1614 m.______________________
3.) Johannes Batdorf b. 1600

Johannes Batdorf b. 1600 d. aft. 1654 m.______________________
3.) Johannes Jacob Batdorf b. 1648

Johannes Jacob Peter Batdorf b. 1648 d. 1709 was born 1648 in , Darmstadt, , Germany. He died 1709 in London, London, England and was buried 1709. Johannes married Anna Maria Catharina Herber was born 1677 in , , , Germany. married in 1692. She died Jan 14 1749 in Millbach, Lebanon, PA and was buried 1749 in Old Reiths Churc, Lebanon Co. PA..
1.) Catherine Elizabeth
2.) daughter (a)_________died coming to America
3.) daughter (b) _________died coming to America
4.) daughter (c)_________ died coming to America
5.) Johannes Martin Batdorf b. 1698 (first male immigrant) Badorf Village, Bayern, Palatinate, Germany d. 1787 in PA

Johannes Martin Batdorf b. 1698 d. April 1787 m. Maria Elizabeth Walborn. Johannes married Maria Elizabetha Walborn before Jun 01 1717 in Schoharie, Schoharie, NY
Born in Switzerland died in Berks Co PA
1.) Hermanus (Herman) Batdorf abt 1718 m. Maria Barbara Anspach.
2.) Johann John Adam 1723
3.) Christian 1724 (Mary Jo's line) Berks, Chester County, PA
4.) George Peter 1730
5.) Anna Catherine 1734
6.) Maria Margaretha 10 Oct 1729
7.) Heinrich (Henry) 1732 Henry Batdorf (had a son George Peter, who had a son John married to
Catherine Daniels buried in Ohio with Batdorff on their tombstones
8.) Martinus (Martin) 1726
9.) Maria Elizabeth 1722
10.) Catherine Eva Elizabetha or Elizabetha Catherine

John Adam Battorf b. 1723 d 10/10/1757 m. Anna Elizabeth Zeller in 1745
1.) John Heinrich Bottorff (this is Ron's line)
3.) Johannes Martinius Bottorff b. 1747

Johannes Martinius Bottorff b. 1747 d. 1792 m. Maria Barbara Hautz 12/31/1770
1.) Jacob
2.) George b. 1778 (this is Zelpha's line)
3.) Martin D. Bottorff b. 2/28/1773

Martin D. Bottorff b. 2/28/1773 d. 9/3/1860 m. Elizabeth Coons b.______ d. 8/22/1851
Father Nicholas Coons
1.) Nicholas Bottorff b. 1808 d. 11/6/1875 m. Mary Polly Winkles 9/6/1827
2.) Rebecca Bottorff b 2/19/1799 ky d. 8/12/1879 m. John Fleenor 7/21/1831
3.) George Bottorff 1805-1809 d. 2/18/1881 M. Mary Polly Brown 1/1/1829
4.) Henry Bottorff Cindy HB's line 11/26/1811 m. Dorcas Chambers 3/29/1832
5.) Jacob Bottorff b. 1814
6.) Simon Bottorff b. 1795 d. 1871-72 m. Anna Mariah Medlock 1/10/1828
7.) Elizabeth Bottorff b. abt 1796 d.____________ m. Jacob Barnet

Jacob Bottorff b. 1814 d.______________ m. Anna Mize b. 1816-18 d. c. 1880
Father Reuben Mize Mother Mary Chambers
1.) Louisa b. 1838
2.) Catherine b. 1840
3.) Thornton b. 1843 (per 1850 census)
4.) Benjamin Franklin Nicholson b. 15 August 1846 (Salem Indiana), d. 17 March 1930 (Independence KS) m. Emma or Elizabeth Davis or Miller b._______ lived in Neodosha, Kansas
They had:

William Thornton Pottorff b. 1 January 1893 m. Martha Black b.________ lived in Carthage
They had:
son 1
son 2
son 3
daughter 1
Living in CA MO, and KS

Edith Carolyn b._________ m. ________Keeton b._______ lived in Shenandoah, Iowa
They had:
daughter 1
daughter 2
daughter 3
daughter 4
son 1
son 2
son 3
Living in IA, Mo

Loren b. _______ m. Marie Frossard b._________________ lived in Carthage
They had:
daughter 1
John D. Pottorff
Living in MO, KS

Elmer Delbert (twin to Elma) b. 19 Jan 1906 m. Hazel Minges (lives in La Mesa)
They had:
Nick Pottorff b._________ m. _____________ b. _______(Crescent City) They had:
Stacy b.________

son 2 (N.DAK)

Elma Della b. 19 January 1906 (twin to Elmer) (is 95 in 5/01) m H.C. Landreth lived in Carthage
They had:
Ben Landreth b.__________ m. _______________ b.________
They had:
4 daughters, 1 son
12 grandchildren
3 great grand children

George different mother? b.__________

5.) Mary A b.? Mary turned out to be the great grandmother of (l-r)Frank, Janie, John, and (front)Sally Crosswhite--the oldest two having attended my high school, albeit with my younger sister, Yvonne. Yvonne and John served as teaching assistants in the same office at El Capitan High School, but did not realize that they were third cousins for 40 years! The photo of Mary Pottorff was shared with me by Ben Landreth. It was discovered later by Sally Crosswhite, trying to chase her great grandmothers genealogical tree. What a surprise to find that the information came from Lakeside where we both had lived at children, and from a third cousin.!
6.) Susan Ann b. 8/9/1852 d._________Oklahoma m. John Will O'Bryant 5/6/1875
note: William O'Bryant was born 1853 in Fulton Co, Illinois and was in the war in 41st Illinois Post 216, listed under Nebr. along with a John Pottoroff in the 42nd Illinois Inf. Post 216.
They had:
Mary Francis O'Bryant
Russell O'Bryant

Thornton Pottorff b. 1843 d._________________- m. Caroline Stewart b. 9/1852
+-Mother Martha Stewart b. 3/1821
1.) John B. Pottorff, who married Fannie Elizabeth Vaughan b. 18 December 1882 on 3/7/1899, when he was 26 and she 16. From a Bible enscription in Frank Pottorff's Bible (owned by Pamela Pottorff Carleton)

Frank married Kathleen Long
Pamela b._______ married Michael Carleton b._______ had daughter Meagan b._____ & son Matt b.________

Fred married Pearl ___________
Earl Thomas born Nov 19, 1905--died in Kern Co Ca. 7-29-1942 36 yr. old.

2.) ?
3.) ?
4.) Thomas Jacob Pottorff
6.) Ida A Pottorff b. 8/1878

Thomas Jacob Pottorff b.____________ d.____________ m. Delora Vaughan b. 7 May 1887.
1.) Cleve Louis b. 1908
2.) Louis b. 1908 twins one died in the hospital the other in 1924 before the birth of Nathan
3.) Nathan Pottorff b. 3/14/1924
4.) Half sister to above, b. _________ Missouri??

Nathan Pottorff b. 3/14/24 d. 12/11/99 m Margaret Elizabeth Segulja b. 5/21/24
1.) Michael Pottorff b. 8/10/47 m/div Godzilla b. 6 May 1949
2.) Yvonne Pottorff b. 5/11/50 m. Ronald Peck

Michael Pottorff b. 8/10/47
End of the line, sorry Martin