Caroline Emma Vaughan

Carrie Vaughan was born 19 June 1888

She was the second wife of Lewis Bert Swan, whose children from this first marriage produced Thelma (the future Mrs. Sam Vaughan, Paul, Faye, and Glenn. In his union with Carrie, he produced Gene Swan b. 9 August 1914, Vern Swan b.__________, Dean Swan, Dale Swan, and Marie Swan.

Gene married Lorrina Allen b 18 May 1913. Gene and Lorrina had the following children:

June b. 21 June 1939 who married Thomas Galloway b. 14 January 1938. June and Thomas live in Tracy and _____________.

Doris b. 4 March 1943 who married Ben Jackson b.___________ d._____1992.

Janet b. 24 January 1946. Janet _________________.

Victor b. 4 April 1941. Victor_________________. Victor's life was cut short by a drive by shooting in 1982.

Carol b. 14 January 1949. Carol married James Carter. Carol_____________.

Vern married Ruth ______________.

Vern and Ruth had a son named Gary b._____________. Later Vern married Flora (?) b._________ who was the mother of Linda b._________________.

Dean married Mona b.____________

They had:

Debbie b._____________
Terri b._____________
Dale married Corliss b._______________

They had

a son named______________ b._____________

Marie married Victor Krause.

They had:

Joan b._______________. Joan_______________
Patricia b.____________. Patricia_____________
Kincaid b.____________. Kincaid ______________