Benson Minton Vaughan

Ben Vaughan

Ben Vaughan was born 18 February 1890 in Cherryvalle Kansas. He died 20 April 1959 in Inglewood, California.


Ben and Lily

Ben married Lily Johnson b 13 September 1895 in Pollard, Kentucky. Lily died 8 December 1975 in Inglewood, California. The were married abt. 1909.

They had two children:
Bud Vaughan b. abt February 1910 and
Opal Maxine Vaughan b. 25 May 1912 in Portsmouth Ohio d. 4 October 1990 in Redlands, California. Opal married Louis Edward Hannan b. 3 October 1910 in Iron???on Ohio d. 9 February 1992 in Redlands, California. They were married 21 August 1931 in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. They had a son Jack Lee Hannan b. 9 January 1933 in Portsmouth, Ohio d. 19 August 1993 in Downey, California and a daughter Beverly Jo Hannan b. 28 February 1944.

Jack's first marriage to Geraldine Ethyl Sarjeant b. 19 June 1932 in Southgate, California (married abt 1953 in San Pedro) produced:

Steven Michael Hannan b. 7 January 1954 who married Arlene Cheryl Vance b 8 January 1953 in Lynwood (married 24 November 1973 in Buena Park, California). They had:
Michael Edward Hannan b. 3 October 1975 in Orange (?) California
Matthew James Hannan b. 9 April 1977 in Downey, California who married Desiree Jeanne Andriese b 29 April 1977 (married 15 June 1996 in Big Bear lake, California). They had:
Amanda Grace Hannan b. _______2000

Joshua Craig Hannan b. 15 June 1980 in Downey, California and
Shaun Jeffery Hannan b. 24 December 1981 in Downey, California.
Lynn Marie Hannan b. 31 March 1956 who married Craig Vern Zander b 25 January, 1956 in Santa Ana California (married 9 August 1975 in Buena Park, California. They had:
Mindy Anne Zander b. 18 June 1979 in Anaheim, California and
Carey Lee Zander b. 16 November 1981 in Upland California

Jack's second marriage to Sarah (Sally) Bartholomew produced:

Jeffery Benson Hannan b. 4 February 1962 who married Karen Elizabeth_______ b. on March 28, 1987. They had:
James Hannan b. ________ and
Josh Hannan b.___________

Karen Lee Hannan b. 19 August 1963 in Santa Monica, California who married Gene Raymond O'Cull b.___________ Dayton, Ohio (married 9 November 1985 in Anaheim, California. They had:
Natalie O'Cull b. 8 July 1989 in Anaheim, California and
Mariel O'Cull b 21 January 1992 in Anaheim, California

Opal's daughter Beverly married George Edward James Meadows b. 11 August 1940 (they were married 30 March 1966 in Las Vegas, Nevada. they had:

Michael James Meadows b. 2 August 1968 in Inglewood, California--married Ellen Francis Warrick b. 5 November 1963 on 25 October 1997 in San Antonio, Texas. They had:
Benson Joseph Meadows b. 13 June 2000
Anne Frances Meadows b. 6 March 2002 She was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches. Mother and daughter are doing great.

check out Anne Frances

Mark Edward Meadows b, 17 May 1973 in Inglewood, California